Winter-Spring 2018


e3Robotics wants to excite children and teens 6-18 years old in the areas of Engineering, Math, Technology, and Science! We educate with thrilling, hands-on fun and encourage children to believe in themselves to become future leaders. With visionary leadership to assist students as they forge ahead in the 21st century. Our programs are results-orientated, research and inquiry-based and aligned with national and state standards.

Our purpose is to increase the number of NC students who engage and excel in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, assist schools and educators in accomplishing their goals and industry in training their 21st-century workforce.

Today elementary, middle and high school students need quality after-school programs. Without proper supervision, children are at risk for involvement with alcohol and drugs and criminal gang activities. They receive poor grades and eventually drop out of school.


Despite this growing need, public schools are losing their funding for vital programs inside and outside of the classroom


A study of outcomes associated with participation in quality after-school programs found that students regularly participating during the elementary school years showed a variety of gains, including:

1. Narrowing the math achievement gap at grade five between high‐income and low‐income students; 

2. Improving work habits and self‐efficacy; and

3. Reducing the number of school absences. (Auger, A., Pierce, K.M. and Vandell, D.L., 2013)

“My son was excited to learn programming, educated in how to work on a team as well as speak in public. Plus he was encouraged
to pursue a career in engineering. It’s the kind of class you love to take him to because of all the things he learns while he is having fun. 
– Lisa Stanioch, e3 Robotics Mom