The STEM Ambassador program builds valued teacher and student STEM engagement. Our goal is to give educators the tools they need to bring STEM into their classroom through a “learning by creating” approach. Participants learn not only how-to use current technology, earn additional income, provide feedback for improvement but also have access to hands on materials for their classroom through the e3 STEM Resource Library. Through hands on training, one-on-one support, on-boarding, success is guaranteed and successful application of learning is ensured and applied from day one.

This program is ideal for teachers interested in engaging students about STEM through hands on materials. Whether it is to build your own knowledge base or have access to technology kits or build enthusiasm with your students. This program empowers teachers, regardless of their skill level or lack of technical experience with the ability to bring STEM materials and programs to their school.  We realize most Ambassador Candidates have full time teaching responsibilities and minimal time to dedicate to being offsite or in training. So we’ve designed our program to require only in person workshops to allow for hands on teacher learning of materials and a monthly virtual conference for coaching development feedback and QA. Additional 1:1 Support can be scheduled at your school as needed. This program is ideal for teachers who are enthusiastic, dedicated, creative, love learning and are interested in teaching an after school STEM program.


If you are a teacher interested in our STEM Ambassador program, have your school’s principal/administrator fill out the form below and send it to us!