Creating an engaged and motivated team of skilled educators is the first step to advancing student achievement. E3 Robotics professional development programs support the complex skills students need to be prepared for further education and work in the 21st century. For students to develop mastery of challenging content, problem-solving, effective communication and collaboration, and self-direction.


Effective professional development is key to teachers learning and refining the pedagogues required to teach these skills.

Our program


  • Is content focused: Includes an intentional focus on discipline-specific curriculum development and pedagogies in areas such as mathematics, science, and literacy.


  • Incorporates active learning:  Active learning engages teachers directly in designing and trying out teaching strategies, providing teachers with an opportunity to engage in the same style of learning they design for their students. 


  • Supports collaboration: space for teachers to share ideas and collaborate in their learning


  • Uses models of effective practice:  Curricular models and modeling of instruction provide teachers with a clear vision of best practices 


  • Provides ongoing expert support: Support continues as the teacher implements new strategies.


  • Offer feedback and reflection: Built-in time for teachers to think about, receive input on, and make changes to their practice by facilitating reflection and soliciting feedback.