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Leadership Program

Our unparalleled leadership development programs integrate sophisticated content, youth development strategies, experiential learning, and opportunities to empower tomorrow’s leaders. 21st Century Leadership skills empower young people with the inspiration, tools, and resources to make a difference in their school or community—making a tangible impact on issues they’re passionate about.

Our 21st Century Leadership program is designed to:


  • Develop awareness of leadership styles and how to leverage strengths

  • Explore decisive conflict resolution tactics

  • Learn effective communication strategies

  • Understand the power of social media and digital citizenship

  • Amplify impact by learning how to mobilize peers to achieve common goals



Focused on empowering tomorrow’s leaders each level features increasingly challenging activities, workshops, specific constructive actions for youth to complete in between levels. The program builds skills and strengths that help youth thrive at school, succeed in their future workplaces and become positive, contributing members of their communities.


All children have the potential to develop leadership skills. It is a lifelong process.

Ambassador (12-17): First-time participants who have never attended a previous Elevate Youth Leadership Program.

Alumni (13-17): Returning participants who have 1 Year of Elevate Leadership training and have the desire to further their leadership skills in addition to helping guide our first-time Ambassador participants. They have been recommended or nominated by their Team leader during the previous year.

Youth Leader (16-18): The highest level of applicants, Youth Leaders have participated for at 2 or more years with our Elevate Leadership Training program as an Alumni. They have been recommended or nominated for the Youth Leader role by their Team Leader during the previous year.

Youth Coach (18-21): Youth Coaches have attended the previous three years as a youth participant (Ambassador, Alumni, and Youth Leader). They are returning to support Elevate Leadership Program from a logistical standpoint and the Coaches in their role.

Coach (22+): Coaches are adult leaders who have a desire to help today's youth become tomorrow's leaders. Coaches may not attend at the same time as their children.

Cost Includes

  • T-shirt
  • Program materials
  • Discount on Summer Summit

Date: January 9 – December 15, 2018
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Location: 1715 NC 68 Oak Ridge
Room: 202
Cost: $300.00 per year
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