Advancing STEM Through Excitement, Education, and Encouragement

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is a highly popular and sought after skillset in the United States workforce. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, e3 Robotics’ purpose is to increase the number of Piedmont Triad students who engage and excel in STEM, and help build our next generation of capable workers. Our growing team promotes STEM education and the teaching of 21st-century skills, prepares students’ entry into technical fields, and supports our educators, workforce, and community’s needs for training and gaining our next workforce. We do this through our core values: Excite, Educate, and Encourage.


We are a collaborative model of businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, foundations and non-profit organizations. Through our collective efforts, we apply a series of results-oriented and research and inquiry-based STEM programs designed to get children engaged in STEM and 21st-century skills and cultivate a passion for STEM that grows with them.


While students have fun in our programs, they learn the skills necessary to enter careers in technical fields. Along with STEM, these skills include leadership, problem-solving, critical thinking, troubleshooting, effective communication, project management, creativity, and innovation. Our initiatives also extend to educators and support them in preparing students for their futures. Through the professional development components of our programs, we give educators the tools they need to train our 21st-century workforce.


Besides learning essential skills for entry into technical fields, students in our programs are introduced to prospective careers in STEM. By connecting students with working professionals who share their knowledge and experience as team mentors, students can explore career opportunities, and employers can evaluate students as potential employees.

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We partner with companies, educational institutions, and organizations that serve, educate, and empower. For more information about partnering with us, contact Maria Rosato at mrosato@e3robotics.us. Tele. 336-493-0403